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1 Why start here?

Looking through this site will hopefully inspire you with ideas and talking points, giving us a productive starting point for planning your web project.
Several of the most popular web models are demonstrated within this site: Business Site, Blog, Portfolio, Ecommerce, Events, and Real Estate. This approach allows me to demonstrate administration pages streamlined for each user role: Administrator, Editor, Blogger, Artist, Store Manager, Events Scheduler, and Real Estate Agent.


Responsive Design

Mobile web usage is experiencing explosive growth. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you risk losing traffic, visitors, and ultimately business. Statistics prove it.

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Compatible Components

Not all plugins and themes play well together. All the plugins used throughout this site have been selected for their functionality and fine-tuned to get along.

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Multiple Function Demo

While no one will ever need all of the functionality presented in this demo, most projects employ several components.

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2 My Approach

A great deal of time can be spent searching for plugins and themes. Each plug and theme has some kind of learning curve that adds to the time spent deciding which plugins to choose.

Over the years, I developed a super versatile framework based on a carefully manicured set of pre-determined and mastered plugins. This framework is kept up-to-date using this site as a proving ground.

Starting with a tight web framework drastically shortens development time. The wheel has already been invented, it just needs to be installed,  configured,  populated, and styled, for your project.




Step 1: Discover Define

We discuss and define the scope of the project and the budget. No up-front payment. Send me a very specific requirement list, and the URL, username and password for your hosting company’s control panel. I will build out the site according to your requirements.


Step 2: Design Develop

We’ll go through it on the phone together and specify any tweaking that needs done. At that point I’ll send you a PayPal for half the fee. I’ll fine tune everything and send you another email to ask you to review the site again.


Step 3: Deliver

We’ll get together on the phone again and tidy up any loose ends. I’ll show you how to add/edit and manage all your pages and media. After you are up-to-speed with the admin pages and upon final approval I will send you a PayPal for the balance of the fee.

4 Are You Interested?

Let’s talk about your web solution requirements. Please have a look around this site and get a good idea of what you would like included within your site. Give me a call and we can go through your requirements and look at administration pages.

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